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Online Machinery Auction- June 27th

Machine Tool Bids hosts an open auction with a variety of used machinery with operational value.

Up for auction on June 27, 2018 are SSDC presses, shears, turret punch, palletizing robot, and more from multiple locations across the U.S.

The auction will be hosted online at machinetoolbids.com, where buyers across the USA and around the world can participate in the bidding. The machines themselves are located at multiple locations within the USA, from Pennsylvania to Oregon, with the fabrication and press machines in the Chicago and Milwaukee areas. Here you will find an extensive selection of machinery in a single online storefront, ranging from late model CNC metalworking and fabrication machinery to conventional machine tools and retrofits. The auction begins the closing process at 1PM CST on Wednesday June 27th. Potential buyers are encouraged to visit MTB’s website and register to bid in advance. 

Featured Machines:
MINSTER S2-200-84-42 - PRESS

This is a 200 ton straight side double crank press, built for massive metal packaging, electrical, and contract stamping operations. Minster is a high-quality US manufacturer, which is an asset when it comes to used machinery. Even though it may need occasional repairs, because it’s made in the USA you’ll have no trouble finding parts and maintenance for it. A newer model would run you upwards of $500,000, but this used press is in great condition for a fraction of the price. Used large presses like this aren’t easy to come by, so bid now while you have the chance.

This used CNC Router is perfect for mid-large sized wood and plastic milling operations, as well as sheet metal cutting work. It features two 60”x60” tables, which can be used separately or together depending on the size of the job. It also boasts a 10 HP ISO-30 type ATC spindle, with variable spindle speeds ranging from 3,000 to 18,000 RPM. Like all of MTB’s machines, this Onsrud has been inspected, and would make a great addition to any shop looking for a used router.

Hydraulic shears are a machine shop staple, and this large used hydraulic shear is perfect for anyone in the market for a new one, and for a reasonable price to boot. This HTC has a high capacity, able to easily cut sheets up to 3 quarter-inches thick, all the while leaving a small footprint. HTC is a well proven brand, and like Minster carries the benefit of being US based, guaranteeing easy access to spare parts and services.

More Used Machinery in Auction:
WHITNEY 3700RR - 40 TON PUNCH/200 AMP PLASMA CUTTER, Located in Illinois - MTB Certified

STRIPPIT FC1250-30 - CNC TURRET PUNCH, Located in Illinois - MTB Certified

ZEISS 2480-24 - COORDINATE MEASURING MACHINE, Located in Arizona - MTB Certified

FANUC M-410i - PALLETIZING ROBOT, Located in Oregon - MTB Certified

DAEWOO PUMA 10HC - CNC LATHE, Located in Nevada - MTB Certified

MITSUBISHI SX-10 - WIRE EDM, Located in Missouri - MTB Certified

BRIDGEPORT R2E4 - VERTICAL MILLING MACHINE, Located in Wisconsin - MTB Certified


About Machine Tool Bids:
Machine Tool Bids is the digital marketplace where customers can buy and sell machine tools securely and confidently. MTB’s powerful, easy-to-use online auction platform is backed by experienced sales, marketing and operations teams.
MTB’s experienced team hand-picks the machines for every auction. These machines come from trusted brands like Fanuc, Mitsubishi, and Bridgeport. Potential buyers can freely browse and bid on the nearly a dozen pieces of equipment available in this event, confident in the process, services, and support MTB provides.

Contact Machine Tool Bids: Please call Chris at (312) 796-7442 or email chris@machinetoolbids.com.

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