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Why Buy a Used Haas CNC Machine

When compared to other CNC manufacturers in the world, Haas Automation Inc. offers more standard features, high tech innovations and rock solid engineering. Haas is the western world's largest machine builder that manufactures a wide array of CNC vertical machining centers, CNC lathes, horizontal machining centers and rotary products.

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Why Buy a Used Haas Machine

Haas machines are built to deliver higher accuracy and are considered more reliable and durable than other machine tools on the market today. If you need to increase capacity in your shop but do not wish to pay top dollar for a new machine, consider purchasing a used Haas machine. These high-quality, American-made machine tools have a long life, and due to their popularity it's often easy to find a used one that will fit your needs.

Buying Used Machinery is Cost Effective

Used machinery offers a major cost advantage over buying machinery new. CNC machines are not always easy for a typical small to mid-size business to afford, and many don't realize that a second-hand CNC machine can deliver the same top performance and reliability as a new one.  Depending on the size and production capacity of the machine you need, buying it used can generate a five-figure or six-figure savings since used CNC equipment is typically discounted at more than 30 percent off the original price.

Furthermore, when you purchase a second-hand machine, you often get thousands of dollars worth of tooling and accessories included in the price.  The cost of collets, chucks, tooling and certain options packages add up quickly when buying a new machine, but have a suprisingly small impact on price in the secondary market. Higher-ticket items like rotary tables, pallets, keystones, and chip conveyors are deeply discounted.  If you you are lucky enough to find a machine for sale at a shop that's similar, you might have hit the accessories jackpot.

Brand Is Important

VF-7.jpgAs with other types of products, all brands of machinery are not equal. Brands and models that weren't in high demand when they were first released can be purchased used at steep discounts. However, it will prove challenging to find manuals, training materials or professionals who know how to repair these machines. Since Haas machines are still in production, finding replacement parts is as easy as making a phone call. You can find all the manuals online, along with video tutorials, how-to guides, and service walk-throughs. Since Haas machines are so widely used, it's also fairly simple to locate a certified technician.

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Machine Tool Bids offers a wide range of Haas models, including popular VMCs like the Haas VF-1 and VF-2. Additionally, we often carry Haas lathes like the SL series and toolroom lathes, along with the occasional HMC.

If you're looking for a specific Haas machine, let us know what we can help you find...

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