January 17, 2017 by natewoogen

Five Tips for Taking Photos and Videos of Your Machines for Sale

When selling CNC machinery online, it is crucial that you have an accurate and favorable visual representation of the machine.  This will show the potential buyer exactly what he or she will receive. Machines with good photos and videos sell more quickly and for higher prices. Here are five tips for taking the most effective photos to showcase your machines for sale.  As a general rule, think of what you would want to see if you were looking to purchase a machine and frame your shots to include that information.

1. The machine should be the subject of the photo.

Customers are only interested in what they are purchasing.  Any extraneous tools, machines, or materials detract from the clarity of the photo.  Clear away the space in front of the machine and frame each shot to focus on a specific aspect of the machine.  Remember to thoroughly clean and polish your machine before taking photos.

2. Use a high-quality camera under good lighting.

Cellphones do not take sufficiently clear photos to display all the qualities of a machine. Select the highest-quality setting on a camera, turn on the flash, and choose a “large image” setting.  The lighting in the photo should allow viewers to see every relevant detail in the shot.

3. take the photos you would want to see.

A potential buyer should be able to look at all the aspects of the machine that you can.  Take pictures of the machine from each side, open up any doors or compartments and take pictures of the insides.  For example, if you are selling a CNC lathe or VMC, make sure that you include close-ups of the spindle and turret. If buyers can’t find information from your photos, they will probably move on to the next option rather than contact you.

4. Convey information through photos, not text.

Take a clear, full photo of the spec plate. Take a photo of the serial plate and have a visible model name in at least one photo. Also include Include a photo of the control showing the current hours on the machine whenever possible. While you should, of course, type out this information as well, photographs confirm that the information is accurate.

5. Use video to show that the machine is fully functional.

Hold your camera horizontally to capture a full, wide-shot of the machine. Eliminate background noise and employee conversation to direct the viewer’s attention to the machine.  Demonstrate relevant functions of the machine such as tool/turret changing, a full spindle cycle, and a through-spindle coolant. Talk about the parts/processes as the machine runs. These clips provide valuable information to the viewer that photographs cannot. If you list machinery with Machine Tool Bids, you can send in several video clips and we will combine them into one video for you.

Following these five tips provides more useful information to the customer and will likely increase your chances of selling your machines.  Keep in mind that the primary purpose of these photographs and video clips is to thoroughly and accurately depict the machine for the buyer.

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