January 18, 2017 by erikamcpherson

Replace or Repair Your CNC Machine

CNC machines aren’t unlike most other tools or pieces of equipment. They have parts that can wear due to over-use and age. If your CNC machine has served you well for a number of years and is showing signs of age, it’s best to consult with a trusted CNC technician to determine the best course of action. None of us like spending good money after bad, but sometimes it’s hard to determine if the machine is failing or if a minor repair can restore functionality.

CNC machines that are old and have a lot of hours on them are prone to malfunctioning. Because so many business owners rely on CNC machines to manufacture things for business, down equipment translates into reduced profitability. If your CNC machine has slowly become a money pit, perhaps a new CNC machine makes more sense financially.


Sometimes business owners or hobbyists want a new CNC machine, but shy away from making a purchase due to the perceived cost. Since brand new equipment is often too expensive for most businesses owners, a used CNC machine is a great alternative. At Machine Tool Bids, we offer used CNC machines at exceptional values and these machines can be expected to perform well for years.

If your CNC machine is on the fritz, or if you think that your machine is operating on borrowed time, then it’s important that you contact us today to learn how we can help you find the perfect CNC machine to replace your existing equipment.

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