March 15, 2017 by Romin Rodriguez

Ready To Auction Your Used Machine?


When preparing a used machine for auction there is always important information you should include. By informing potential buyers about your machine, you will help make the sales process go more smoothly. Below is a list to help you check these things off!


  • Include how much the machine has been used
  • Operation hours
  • Hours it’s been turned on
  • Cut hours.


  • Make sure to include what materials it cuts/creates. Wood, metal, etc.
  • This gives the buyer an idea of the wear and tear of the machine

Photos & Videos

  • Photos and video show potential buyers the condition and function of the machine
  • minimum of 5 photos, with 10 being ideal
  • 1 wide shot that shows the whole machine
  • video of the machine in operation

Included Options or accessories

  • Anything the machine comes equipped with can add value to the machine and makes it more attractive to potential buyers
  • Some examples include: chip conveyers, extra axes or rotary tables, and a list of included tooling


  • A full and complete description will ensure accuracy to potential buyers.
    • By doing this it can help speed up the sales process by answering potential buyer questions.

Capability of loading machine

  • If you can, let it be known if you can physically load the machine at your facility or if you’ll need assistance.


Use the comments to tell us about the machinery you want to auction, and we'll let you know what specs are most important!  You can also list your machine in an auction on


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