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This is a Strippit Model FC1250 turret punch. A turret punch is press machine that punches shapes out of a sheet of steel, making pieces of a wide variety of sizes and utilities.

When choosing a turret punch, the most important things to looks for are the tonnage and sheet size. This is going to determine exactly what sorts of metal you’re going to be able to work with, so it’s important to have a good understanding of the sorts of work you’ll be doing with the press. Also look at the turret size and see how many stations are in the turret. Most machines have 1 ¼ inch and 3 ½ inch stations. Additionally, some turret punches also feature auto index stations, turning the tool 360 degrees. Always make sure to check how many of each a given press has.
To save money, many fabricators prefer to buy used CNC controlled machines. Turret punches durable machines, so a used turret punch can be a great choice—however, there are still certain factors to be aware of when inspecting one. When looking at turret punches, a big thing to look for is the maintenance history. Look at what's been fixed or replaced, and what might need to be. Check for any control issues; is the control working completely, or just partially? Check how smoothly the sheet moves right to left, and front to back. Make sure that the turret rotation is smooth and consistent, and that all of the tools work properly. This Strippit is in good condition. It’s been very well maintained and everything is running smoothly.
Controls are another concern. This particular machine is upgraded with new PC control, which is very important when buying a used machine, because the control is really half of the machine. The PC control is still operating the old one and everything is working fine.
If you think this turret punch might be a good fit for your needs, you can take a look and receive a quote on this great machine


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