July 19, 2017 by J. Quentin Murray

Top 4 Press Brake Manufacturers

Buying a press brake, just like any piece of machinery, is a bit of a hassle. It's a huge investment, and there are so many factors things to take into consideration before making a purchase, so making sure you can trust that you're getting a high quality machine is important. One of the safest ways to ensure that what you're buying is high quality is to purchase from one of the brands consistently trusted the most by machinists.

4. Cincinnati

Cincinnati Press Brake

One of the only U.S.-based, build-to-order machine tool manufacturers, Cincinnati has been building quality machinery since the 1890s. Their machines are famously durable, with some depression era models still in active use, leading to low cost of upkeep and high resale values. Their press brakes are among their most well known and respected machines, and recently they released their GoForm electric press brake, which aims to combine their trademark durability with a relatively lightweight and portable design.

3. Accurpress

accurpress advantage press brake

Accurpress is, as their name suggests, a company which specializes in press brakes; accurate ones, at that. Another American company, Accurpress has sold over 19,000 machines to thousands of shops. In addition to their reputation for quality manufacturing, they've recently rolled out their revolutionary new Vision control program, which boasts the unique ability to calculate the measurements to make a proper bend all automatically.

2. Trumpf

Trumpf TrumaBend V85S

No relation to our current president, Trumpf is a company with wide reach and a solid reputation far beyond the world of press brakes or even machine tools in general. Based out of Germany, they are one of the largest manufacturers of fabricating machinery in the United States, and they're certainly no slouch when it comes to press brakes. Their most successful press is the TruBend Series 5000, which boasts simple controls and quick, quiet operation.

1. Amada

Amada Promecam HFB 8025 Press Brake

Constantly innovating and pushing the envelope, Amada has been a leader in the manufacturing of high end machinery for years, and their press brakes are particularly world class. Their HD NT Series are remarkably eco-friendly, featuring a Hybrid Drive system that is engineered for low energy consumption and requires less hydraulic fluid than conventional presses, without sacrificing precision. The HG ATC Series, on the other hand, is built with speed and precision in mind, able to perform quick, on the fly tool changes, and complex tool layouts can be precisely loaded in three minutes or less.

These are not the only brands manufacturing quality press brakes of course, and you should always do more research to make sure the machine you're looking at fits your specific needs, but you can't go wrong buying from any of these four manufacturers.

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